1. Mail Order Brides of Hickory Stick

Thomas J. Connors sends one letter for two brides. One for him and one for his brother, but the brother doesn't know or want a wife.

  Then three brides show up in the small town of Hickory Stick. 

What else could go wrong?

2. Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley

A judge who finds his empire in Montana not enough and sends for a mail order bride.

A feud between families in the valley.

Sweet Historical Romance with a touch of fun and faith.

3. Mail Order Brides of Black Horse Mesa

Three brothers as wild of Texas, plus one ornery uncle.

Mail order brides strong enough to tame them.

Clean Historical Romance with a touch of fun and faith

Mail Order Brides of Misfit Ranch Bluebonnet Texas

Welcome to the town of Bluebonnet, Texas.

Nettie is tired of the spinster life. The sheriff wants a wife.

Come on in and see what happens when Nettie takes on the role of matchmaker.

Sweet Historical Romance with a touch of faith and fun.

The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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An Agent for Charity


 Charity’s escapades have only been between the pages of books,
Seth is a man with a temper.
Together, they just might discover the love they’ve been looking for.

Charity found the ad to become a Pinkerton detective and knew it was her chance to break out of the pages of the books she read and live a life of adventure. She knew all about being a detective. She’d read countless books about it. After all, how hard could it be?
Seth is a good Pinkerton detective. A little rough on the outlaws that he brings in. It’s his temper. When lead detective, Archie Gordon, demands his agents are to be paired with new recruits, Seth is disgusted. When he finds out they’re women, he’s ready to quit. Except he’s broke. And then when he finds out he has to marry her. Well, there just aren’t any words just the hope she’ll quit.
Thrown together on a case with a secretive client, a mysterious stranger, and mail order brides present a harrowing adventure with surprises.
A sweet historical romance.  

An Agent for Arabella


 Arabella needs a job to pay for her sister's medical care in Denver. Arabella goes to the Pinkerton Headquarters and is hired easily enough. Then she is paired with Gerard Fletcher. One man she never wanted to see again. Worse, she is expected to marry him to keep the job.  

Gerard Fletcher has debts to pay. Tired of running his own private detective agency, he decides he'd rather have a paycheck and goes to the Pinkerton Headquarters in Denver for a job and is quickly hired. Then he sees Arabella. They are paired and married. Great. She's beautiful even if she does have an attitude. Then he gets the case and his world crumbles. He and Arabella are to find his old partner and catch him in a swindle. Great. Gerard is to catch the very man that he swindled years ago.

Love Never Fails even as Gerard and Arabella do in this sweet romance.

An Agent for Sabrina


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